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Integrated communication for scalo romana - small mapScalo Romana, one of the creative districts in Milan. The district has always been characterized by the coexistence of two diametrically opposed realities: on one hand, large and well-known infrastructures while, on the other, intimate contexts of small ınızıatıves engaged in the development of the district social fabric. This peculiarity has been visually translated in a bimestral magazine and a website in order to reflect this kind of dualism and to communicate the story of a district that grows year after year thanks to the people who live there.

scalo-romana-magazine-blu scalo-romana-magazine-rossa scalo-romana-magazine-blu scalo-romana-magazine-rossa scalo-romana-magazine-blu scalo-romana-magazine-rossa

To guide not only the inhabitants but also visitors and tourists within the soul of the district, a map has been designed in order to let people find the main places that have led the district to develop a creative environment.

scalo-romana-mappa-dettaglio scalo-romana-mappa-dettaglio scalo-romana-mappa-dettaglio

A website has also been designed to keep visitors updated on latest news and events inside the district. Lastly, the user can navigate and read all the stories about the creative places of Scalo Romana through an interactive and user friendly map.


Year: 2019
Designed with: Giovanni Covre, Chiara Fabretti, Mattia Lombardini, Alessio Zavaglia
Magazine format: 17x24cm
(printed with offset)
Font: Adieu, Prospectus Pro
Project made during the Communication for the territory course at Politecnico di Milano
Project supervisors: prof. Gıovannı Baule, Danıela Calabı, Marco Quaggıotto, Vıncenzo D’Abbraccıo, Clorında Galasso, Mıchele Stımola