MASTER THESIS 2021 → Slow Tour is a multi-user geo-blog guide that invites travelers to discover the territory at a slow pace, stimulating their active participation through contents sharing and promoting the practice of walking as a fundamental activity to immerse themselves in the land. The project is a reflection on the role of design in the creation of new tools for the recovery of tourism sector in the post-pandemic phase.

Slow Tour is a format created with the intention of enhancing territories usually outside the mass tourist circuits through the practice of slow tourism, the networking of sustainable itineraries and the participatory story of the territory by turists and locals.

App functions

slow tour app functions
slow tour splashscreen app

Map switch: guide/blog

The map, as a guide offers to users all the information regarding the slow path such as the interest (natural, cultural, gastronomic and artistic) or the kilometers, difficulties and stages along the way, as a widespread blog instead, the map allows users to geolocate curiosities, testimonials and tourist advice experienced firsthand on the territory.

Design Method

slow tour design method

Territory analysis:
province of Pesaro and Urbino (Marche region)

The province of Pesaro and Urbino has been chosen as case study for the project development because both morphologically and culturally it's predisposed to the practice of slow tourism, indeed, it has always been an economic, cultural and artistic crossing point and today it offers a vast network of paths which cross a changing landscape, rich in traditions and small widespread cultural identities.

Territory mapping

slowtour mappa percorsi slowtour mappa strutture ricettive slowtour mappa punti di interesse slowtour mappa illustrata


Year: 2021
Font: Gosha Sans, Helvetica Neue
Master Thesis at Politecnico di Milano, Design faculty - Master's degree in communication design
The research project is part of the design for territorial communication
Project supervisors: prof. Giovanni Baule.